Future Annual Meetings

Take a look at where our Annual Meeting is headed!

2023 Boston, Massachusetts
August 4-8: Putting the Worker Front and Center

2024 Chicago, Illinois
August 9-13

2025 Copenhagen, Denmark
July 25-29

2026 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 31-August 4

2027 Seattle, Washington
August 6-10

Future Annual Meeting dates are scheduled up to eight years in advance, assuring Academy of Management (AOM) the ability to contract the required facilities to host over 2,500 sessions and events as well as the 20,000 sleeping room nights needed to house 10,000+ attendees. Since its inception, the Annual Meeting has been conducted during late July and early August at a time when many scholarly institutions have a break in their schedules, hopefully allowing the maximum participation of AOM members. While AOM works to avoid holidays and religious observances during this two-week time frame, AOM recognizes that there may be some years where avoiding conflicts is not possible. In the event that an accepted submitter is unable to attend in person due to religious observance, AOM will do its best to provide virtual accommodation for participation in their session.